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Why You Should Use Sesame Oil for Oil Pulling

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Organic Sesame Oil is one of the Best Options for Effective Oil Pulling. It is the Traditional Oil Chosen Through the Centuries for Oil Pulling and in Ayurvedic Practices.

Oil Pulling helps accomplish the following:

  • Whitening the teeth

  • Eliminating bacteria that cause plaque, cavities, gum disease and diseases in the body

  • Treating migraines

  • Freshening breath

Sesame Oil is recommended for daily use in Oil Pulling, that is, swishing oil in your mouth to draw out bacteria and viruses.

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Why Adding Oil Pulling to Your Oral Care Makes a BIG Difference

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And the average person has not yet discovered how and why Oil Pulling will make a big impact on their health!

oil pulling and oral health

The health of your mouth can give medical professionals clues to the state of your body, but health issues in the mouth can actually affect the whole body.


The mouth is a HOTBED of bacterial action. While some are relatively harmless, some are not so friendly and some are downright nasty!  Good oral hygiene like flossing, daily brushing and medicinal mouthwashes keep some bad bacteria at bay. The Ayurvedic practice of Oil Pulling is superior way to seriously send bacteria away from your body.

Oil Pulling (swishing an organic Sesame or Coconut oil in your mouth) will draw out bacteria on the gums, roof of mouth, tongue, under the tongue, in-between teeth – basically everywhere.



Without good oral practices, bacteria in the mouth builds up and causes not only oral problems (like gum disease) but can cause other serious problems in the body.


Another source of problem for oral health? Medications! Ironic as it may seem, some medications can cause infections by reducing the amount of saliva in the mouth. Decongestants, painkillers, diuretics and antihistamines reduce saliva production which inhibits the ability to wash away food and neutralize bacterial acids in the mouth. Saliva protects the mouth from microbial invasion that leads to disease.


Severe infection of the gums and teeth is called periodontitis. Periodontitis has been scientifically linked to other health issues.  (Oil Pulling reduces the risk of getting periodontitis.) When infection is high in the mouth, it makes sense that other areas of the body can be affected. We receive nutrients and vitamins by mouth, infection in the mouth can drain or leak into the remainder of the body through the bloodstream. Researchers have found links between gum disease and diabetes, premature births, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.


Many studies have found links from gum disease to heart disease. Poor gum health leads to an increase in chance for heart attacks and overall poor heart health, according to WebMD. The American Academy of Periodontology and The American Journal of Cardiology published a paper in 2009 purporting the relationship which encouraged cardiologists to confer with their patients about their oral health.


Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study which showed a link from gum disease to pancreatic cancer. According to the study, a 64% increase in pancreatic cancer risk was present in men with a history of gum disease. There have also been studies that showed a link between this type of cancer risk and tooth loss. The reactive proteins the body produces in response to persistent inflammation have been linked to pancreatic cancer.


Elderly patients in particular show a link between dementia and gum disease and inflammation, according to the University of Columbia. Patients over 60 who had gum disease scored lower on memory tests than those without. Medical professionals attribute this link to infection and bacteria spreading through the bloodstream or cranial nerves adding to a Alzheimer’s linked plaque build-up.

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There is no mystery behind these health links. The mouth is the gateway to the entire body, carrying nutrients as well as toxins throughout the body. The importance of good oral hygiene cannot be overlooked. Besides saving the pain and embarrassment of tooth decay and loss, it can save the body from a myriad of maladies affecting all parts of the body.


In addition to brushing and flossing, we think Oil Pulling is far more important than most people think.


** WHY?    Oil Pulling draws out those bacteria!


** HOW?    Bacteria has an oily or lipid skin, and oil attracts oil. Swishing oil in the mouth draws out the toxins, which adhere to the oil you are swishing. Saliva mixes in to help break it all down. Then presto – all gone when you spit!


Improve your chances of wellness by adding Oil Pulling to your oral care!

A generous 16 oz USDA Certified Organic Sesame Oil awaits you here on Amazon, or at our webstore with free standard shipping below!

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Our eHealth Network Podcast Interview on Oil Pulling!

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Eric Michaels, Producer & Host of eHealth Radio Network interviewed Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty NATURALS, about Oil Pulling.


Kathy demystifies the subject of Oil Pulling, brings in important and surprising statistics on oral health, explains how to do it, talks about caveats and everything else you would want to know.



Click through to eHealth Network and the podcast.

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