1) Typically Oil Pulling in the morning is best (before brushing or eating anything.)  However, you can benefit from almost any time that works for you.


2) Use about a Tablespoon of Organic Sesame Oil, the recommended oil by Ayurvedic tradition and Oral Health experts.  It is common to take more into your mouth the first time, but too much could make you gag, and you won’t be able to swish it around effectively.


You can simply open the top of the bottle and drink in about a Tablespoon (that is what most people, including me, do), but you could also measure out a Tablespoon or pour it into a glass, if you wish.

3) Now Swish Away!  Move the oil around your mouth, between your teeth, up and down and around for as long as you can. Be sure to pull the oil in-between the teeth forward and back – lot of bacteria hides between your teeth!

You should try a minimum of 10 minutes, with an ideal time 15 to 20 minutes.  The oil will change it’s consistency as it pulls and attracts toxins and bacteria to it.  Swish while you do other things, such as your facial routine, or Skin Brushing to maximize your time.

swishing oil

4) Now Spit it Out!  We recommend spitting it out into the waste container and NOT down the drain, where over time it could cause plumbing problems.  The oil will look milky or cloudy if you have pulled long enough, and that is good. It means the bacteria and toxins are decimated.


5) Rinse your mouth with water (warm, or even warm salt water if possible) and then spit that out too!  This helps get the remainder out of your mouth.

6) Many typically brush their teeth afterwards – and if you can use an organic brand or a DYI, all the better (recipe below)!


What Should I NOT Do?  Any Caveats?


  • Do NOT swallow the oil. You will take the toxins right along with it, and this defeats the entire purpose!


  • Make sure you are not allergic to the type of oil you use (we recommend Sesame as the superior oil – but if you are allergic, consider Coconut or Sunflower.)



  • If you feel like gagging when you first try this practice, just spit the oil out and start over. You may have used too much oil, or it may be an initial reaction to the new practice.  You can do shorter sessions and work your way into it.


  • If your muscles and jaw are sore with this new practice, try doing shorter sessions with a break between. You can also just hold the oil in your mouth for periods between swishing.


  • Caveat: a few people may experience a DETOX reaction for a few days.




EVERY DAY!  You will see benefits and changes within a month, though most people feel the more immediate changes in a week.  Some people may pull several times per day (morning and before bed).

If you are busy and miss a day here and there, don’t dismay. You will still get the benefits, but aim for a daily routine for your wellness.  The bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins don’t take a break, so stay on top of pulling them out of your system!


Teeth will be smoother and whiter.  If you have issues with bad breath, it should alleviate.  Gums will be healthier, too.

Your lymphatic system will be supported (you aren’t sending as much bacteria and toxins into your bloodstream and down your throat into the organs), so you should feel better and skin may reflect this, too.  Of course, this will depend on the state of your health when you start the process!  The point is that Oil Pulling helps your immune system become stronger!

Some believe that Oil Pulling can alleviate other conditions, such as sinus problems, eczema or morning sickness.



– If you follow a more full Ayurvedic approach, you could scrape your tongue before starting.  You could even floss first if you like, to aid in the process, but this isn’t necessary.


A natural toothpaste receipt courtesy of Dr. Bruce Fife is:
1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda
1 Tablespoon of Vegetable Glycerin
2-4 drops of Peppermint, Wintergreen or Cinnamon oil
A dash of xylitol (optional) or Stevia if you need a little sweetness

Simply mix the ingredients together and brush!


– We recommend daily DRY SKIN BRUSHING as a great compliment to OIL PULLING!  Why?  Dry Skin Brushing also supports the lymphatic system and is great for overall wellness.

  • It supports your largest organ, the skin, in the elimination of toxins and dead cells from the surface of skin.

  • It helps move the lymphatic system which doesn’t have a natural pump of its own.skin_brushing-692x1024

  • It helps boost blood circulation.

  • It is invigorating and aids in wellness!

If you are unfamiliar with Skin Brushing (also known as Body Brushing), check out the Skin Brushing website from Sublime Beauty here.