How to Oil Pull – It is Simple and Powerful!

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Oil Pulling is so easy and simple that almost anyone can do it!  And it is powerful for wellness!


Oil Pull to reduce health risks, improve wellness and oral health.  When you Oil Pull, you are “pulling” bacteria, fungi, viruses and other critters out of your mouth before they can cause problems, be absorbed into your system or swallowed.

These toxins can cause gum disease, plaque, cavities and bad breath in your mouth, but there is also a strong link between oral health and disease in the rest of your body!  This is confirmed by the medical community, CDC and Surgeon General.

Here is a fun graph on how to Oil Pull Each Day:

Be sure to use a Certified Organic Oil

(Sesame is the traditional oil, you can use Coconut or Sunflower as well):


Oil Pulling Infographic How To

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