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Our eHealth Network Podcast Interview on Oil Pulling!

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Eric Michaels, Producer & Host of eHealth Radio Network interviewed Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty NATURALS, about Oil Pulling.


Kathy demystifies the subject of Oil Pulling, brings in important and surprising statistics on oral health, explains how to do it, talks about caveats and everything else you would want to know.



Click through to eHealth Network and the podcast.

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7 Things Oil Pulling Can Do For You!

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Oil Pulling is a wonderful holistic practice everyone should know about.

Using Sublime Naturals Organic Sesame Oil

It is inexpensive, healthy, safe and easy!  By swishing an organic oil in your mouth, you pull out viruses, bacteria, fungi and other bad stuff for incredible oral health. But even more, you help improve your overall wellness because you are taking these toxins out!


Here are 7 things Oil Pulling can do for you:

1) Deliver Whiter, Smoother Teeth

2) Improve Gum Health and Prevent Cavities

3) Reduce Bad Breath

4) Reduce Health Risk Because it Takes Bacteria and Viruses OUT of Your Body Before They Can Do Harm

5) Reduce Plaque

6) Help Reduce Sinus Problems

7) Support Your Lymphatic System (you are taking toxins out so it doesn’t have to), helping to Improve Your Immune System and Even Improve Energy


Learn more about Oil Pulling on this site, and you can start right away with our USDA Certified Organic Sesame Oil (the traditional oil used for Oil Pulling).

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How to Oil Pull – It is Simple and Powerful!

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young woman in the bathroom

Oil Pulling is so easy and simple that almost anyone can do it!  And it is powerful for wellness!


Oil Pull to reduce health risks, improve wellness and oral health.  When you Oil Pull, you are “pulling” bacteria, fungi, viruses and other critters out of your mouth before they can cause problems, be absorbed into your system or swallowed.

These toxins can cause gum disease, plaque, cavities and bad breath in your mouth, but there is also a strong link between oral health and disease in the rest of your body!  This is confirmed by the medical community, CDC and Surgeon General.

Here is a fun graph on how to Oil Pull Each Day:

Be sure to use a Certified Organic Oil

(Sesame is the traditional oil, you can use Coconut or Sunflower as well):


Oil Pulling Infographic How To

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New USDA Certified Organic Sesame Oil for Oil Pulling

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Sublime Beauty NATURALS® introduces its USDA Organic Certified Sesame Oil, specifically for Oil Pulling, today.

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Oil Pulling is a simply way to pull toxins from the mouth before they enter the body and bloodstream, or before they can infect teeth and gums.  It is an ancient Ayurvedic practice introduced to the U.S. in the 1990’s.

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